The ripple effect

Have you noticed that any action you take not only affects you but those around you whether at your work , house or in your city , country or world? The world is like a water pool where anything thrown could make waves on the suface of the water that expand . Theorertically , the movement of a butterfly cause the movement of the air all around the planet .

Energy is contagious… When you are in a good mood working wholeheartedly , it would show in your good performance . This directly and indirectly inspires your fellow employees to work better and perform higher . In the book , called Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill , the example of a company called

Electronic Data Systems which was founded by Ross Perot who left IBM , that is a very well known and large company …He has been competing with IBM at the time of starting EDS company for taking a project . His 15 employees did not believe that they cpuld take the project from the wealthier and more experienced rivalry company IBM at that time . The high spirit, the determination of Ross Perot , has made miracles because he had great faith that has inspired his 15 employees to work harder and be more creative . Surprisingly , EDS took the project to grow day after day and today it employs thousands of employees . EDS has been kind of merged with other multi-billion companies nowadays …He would say that a well determined person to life could be the change he wishes to see in the world to lead by example …Our positive constructive energy could have like the peaceful effect to peacefully make the world a better place .

Love transforms your world from within and so without. In other words ,loving what you do and mixing loving joyful emotions to your job , add value and makes wonders in the world.

8 thoughts on “The ripple effect”

  1. I Remember the concept of epigenetics that says what you eat , think , do , feel , read and so on affects your genes …This is why now you see that children are getting smarter as the genetics are evolving generation after generation…



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