Nourish the seeds …

In this 3rd dimensional reality, it talks time before our energy in the form of thoughts , feelings and actions materialize just as seeds planted , watered and nourished to emerge and grow … How fast they grow depends on the seeds , and the way we nourish and water them… The more we feed them with constructive energy while trusting in God and the universe , the better changes and the greater luck we have to yield good crops ( get favourable results). As an example , if you work harder and smarter on your business ideas , or projects , you have higher probability or possibility of success…


6 thoughts on “Nourish the seeds …”

  1. ♡ Accept what you didn’t expect when it manifests everyone; makes 3DLife a lot easier and gets you a heck of a lot closer to a 5DState in a 3DEnvironment


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