Deep truth and joy is within …

A very successful lawyer in the west has abondoned his career to return to peace , serenity and enlightenment through spending months with a group of Monks in the Indian Parts of the Himalayan mountains. He restored his vitality and health in this way after overworking for many years .By the way , I have read from a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma that success on the outside means nothing unless there is also success from within …He adds that you can’t do good to others if you do not feel good , so he went on a spiritual journey discovering his true joy , spontaneity and aliveness while staying fir months in the Himalayan mountains in India with serene , wise and deeply
Spiritual monks in a village called Sivana there

Yes , as within , so without , the outside is a reflection of the inside …
It is very true that the kingdom of God is within you…That is the true happiness from within you …

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