Watch “How to Get into the LOVE Frequency INSTANTLY (easier than you think)” on YouTube

As Eckhart Tolle says that joy is in finding or being fulfilled in the here now for whatever this moment takes ….

Buddha has realized that enlightnment is to stop wanting more from life and detaching from the world of form . HE realized that answers are within him through peace and through living detached from this world . He has realized that enlightenment and spiritual awakening is in the middle way of life , neither in pleasure nor in suffering . Answers are through being detached from the world of form …

Accept and love yourself unconditionally. Get beyond reasoning into love, joy and peace frequency. Transcend thinking and doing into being .

Enlightenment is when you give things positive meaning and let go of labeling things. Life is great as it is to grow and evolve spiritually…Be present in the moment in whatever the moment takes …

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