Watch “The Dark Side of Desire that is RUINING Your life (and you don’t even know it)” on YouTube

As Eckhart Tolle says that joy is in finding or being fulfilled in the here now for whatever this moment takes ….

You get into the being , doing then having . You become energetically what you love doing passionately and then success and money become as a side effect of doing what you truly wholeheartedly give …

He says desire is wanting that means🏙 that you do not currently have but being or intending to be is acting in an inspirational manner to do what you love and then have and not the other way around … In Beingness, you realize your oneness with everything …

If you love to read, analyze and write, then go for it and move on …This is a way to grow and realize who you are as a spiritual eternal being having a temporary experience . I KNOW people who love what they do like Patrick Nogwi who has become wealthy first by installing solar panels on rooftops in Tanzania ( East Africa ) having faith in green renewable energy technology and being environmentally friendly…He is now a UN international speaker especially in environmental aspects …

You are all capable as an extension of God or source energy to grow limitlessly … Be happy where you are as being whole and complete in the now here but when you are the love , joy and light , you get inspired in state of flow to transform your life …You become a better expression of yourself …

I have heard a video that connecting to God , holy spirit or source energy makes us a channel to love and live beyond time , beyond duality , beyond the mind and into the eternal formless indefinite and compassionate source of being …

One thought on “Watch “The Dark Side of Desire that is RUINING Your life (and you don’t even know it)” on YouTube”

  1. Buddha has realized that enlightnment is to stop wanting more from life and detaching from the world of form . HE realized that answers are within him through peace and through living detached from this world . He has realized that enlightenment and spiritual awakening is in the middle way of life , neither in pleasure nor in suffering . Answers are through being detached from the world of form …


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