Watch “The Divine Purpose Of The Universe” on YouTube

There are two main ideas which are inward being and outward becoming or doing . In being , you realize your formless essence within regardless or detached from what you do or create in the form , so you detach from the outcome being in the present moment in the now here . Example , You are loving helping people and you may change the world in a significant way .The second idea is creating outward or becoming through doing or creating forms outside you or achieving something like materialistic wealth or fame any worldly achievement … However , humans have both being and doing but in different percentages or in varying degrees…

You are an expression of the universe and you are a vessel through which the universe gets aware of itself as a creation …

2 thoughts on “Watch “The Divine Purpose Of The Universe” on YouTube”

  1. Oho, made me laugh when she asked him😁, but the answer is very wise and delightful, loved the video, more videos like this, i really like to listen it, thank you❤️

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