The God Tribe

Love Changes everything

The God Tribe is a growing group of people who know who they are, and they know who you are, too. Their quest is to finally remove all separation and duality from our thinking and to totally embody the energy of their true identity. That identity is God.

The word “God” brings with it all sorts of feelings from past ideas about this word – the man on the cloud, religion, dogma, and judgement, reward and punishment. However, what the God Tribe understands is that this is not who God is. God is not a person or a personality or a man or a woman. God is a Principle, a Presence. God is an Energy.

It is a Principle in that it functions through each one of us as Love and Law. It is a Presence in that it resides in each and everyone and everything equally. It is the…

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2 thoughts on “The God Tribe”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. We are all God. Often people don’t like the word because of negative religious experiences that don’t encompass the glory of who we really are.

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    1. On a divine spiritual level , we are one with God. Negative and positive are like ego digital perspective but our higher selves or divine selves are beyond description and beyond labels …To divinity is only the formless indescribable beingness beyond form or time or space or description …


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