The powEr of Transformation …

The message that i understand or the takeaway in the video is you heal pain and suffering through tapping into emotions or energies in motion of unconditional love , joy , peace and unlimited abundance in all areas you could conceive in your mind and heart. This is like the power of transformation and transmutation into unconditional love , peace and blissful ecstacy…You do not cure fear with fear but with love regardless . You do not heal sadness and misery with depression but with feeling strength , praying for divine power ,and divine unconditional joy that is already within you and within everything . It is a matter of realization .What you put out is what you get back , so allow your inner world to be the peace , love and ecstacy to start being from within to reflect to the outside world…What you think , feel and do is what defines your story in life consciously and unconsciously …

I am not trying to make excuses for violence and injustice but the emotions of true worthiness and power comes from within . All of us are significant and worthy regardless .

I am not defending anyone but I would love to say look at world events as something new to remember or ” learn ” , to evolve and transcend … Easier said than done and what I am doing now is transmuting a disagreement that has happened with 2 people into unconditional love , gratitude and ecstacy being a way to learn , evolve and be continuously in a higher state of consciousness… Please fellow citizens on earth , feel your true worth from within and do not think that I am more special or more enlightened but just feel and realize that you are more loved , blessed , enlightened and powerful than you think to transform sadness into happiness and scarcity into unlimited opulence and turn weakness into strength and compassion with feeling connection to God and the universe …

2 thoughts on “The powEr of Transformation …”

  1. I think and feel like this is like the power of transformation or transmutation of energy .

    Through both joy and pain ( physical as well as spiritual or non-physical)
    We grow , transcend and gain …
    To deal with ups and downs, ourselves we train …


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