Watch “How To Find Your Excellence (The Recognition of Excellence is 100% Dependent Upon Desire)” on YouTube

You could have heard of a saying that I think is in the Bible . It is not only with bread that a human lives . People live through love to all especially unconditional love to everyone and everything. People live through doing what they feel talented and naturally inclined to do as a hobby or as a work that really and deeply feels wonderful and connnected to their hearts and spirits . The financial or materialistic reward comes as a natural byproduct of this . They feel alive to do such thing …As Teal swan has said do something you feel your excellence at …
If you feel alive to write , go write …
If you are talented at playing music , go master it …

A natural talent is a natural gift for you to use in the best way you can to serve yourself and humanity . Many thinkers and philosophers in ancient Greece and Europe during the age of Rennaissance have contributed not only to the development and enlightment  of Europe but also the whole planet .You move with the flow of life like riding the waves in the sea , if you really love what you are doing even as you master going with the natural flow of life and ride the ebbs and flows of life or master riding over the ups and downs of the sea waves whenever you wish or feel refreshed to start a new journey to reconnect to the divine and rediscover yourself … All spiritual affiliations and religions including Christianity , Islam or Buddhism  tell you to accept and move with the divine will. You could do so  when you recognize the divine guidance within yourself . When you surrender to feel deep inspirations and aspirations to act , you aspire to use your intuitive mind ( Einstein has called  intuitive mind the master ) or inner guidance to get inspired to enlighten and illuminate your powers to think with your rational mind ( being called by Einstein the servant ).

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