United we stay …

With all love regardless , I have faith that international borders would be eliminated to make the whole planet unite more and reconnect in oneness of being in higher levels of consciousness and deeper scopes of awareness …All coumtries would be divine instead beyond labels , beyond classification , and into unitarian divine love merged and enlightened …

In the now here , all natural connectedness with the divine shall be recognized to embody mercy on all living beings as much as we can to include all plants and animals that are all other versions of us through divine unconditioned awareness of consciousness being all that is in the universe …Please everyone reading this promise me no matter what , we shall all combine efforts and energies because all places , all roads , all religious beliefs , all events and all circumstances are all ways to realize that we are divine beings in different experiences in the now here unconditionally formlessly eternally … The more this truth is realised , the better things individually and collectively gets . Our outside universe reflects back to us what we give …

Well , unless your cup overflows with unlimited abundance and unconditional spiritual love, you could not contribute back neither to yourself nor for others to fill unlimited number of cups to all …

Thus is all unlimited expanding wealth including spiritual or non-physical eternal wealth or the materialistic wealth that is also being developed , expanded and upgraded … Free renewable energy technology like solar panels, geothermal energy and wind energy are only tiny particles in the unlimited vastness of the universe… Wealth is in the thoughts and emotions of the heart and the mind plus the inspirations and aspirations of the spirit and intuition … Easier said than done , but with faith, persistence and practice of divine unconditional love that we already exist at , would make the world better day after day in every way …Love from Lebanon to the one unified united loving and friendly universe because all is one and one is all…

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