When you give , you receive …

Unconditional love is giving and sending out love as much as you can without always expecting instant and direct gratification. It would not be unconditional love giving if someone is waiting to instantly receive. Though if when you give , you directly or indirectly receive now or then ( sooner or later ) …,Vice versa, It becomes natural to give back when you receive and it is not necessarily hard .In other words , the opposite is true .
It could be easy as the rain pours down from the sky to water the earth and refresh life on earth after receiving water evaporating from anywhere . It is a two way street , and when you give wholeheartedly from an overflowing cup , definitely you receive more in infinite number of ways to fill as many and many cups to all …In giving , you could love , transcend and evolve spiritually, intellectually and physically at the right time in the right place …

Remember theory is easier than practice to apply the knowledge sometimes . Easier said than done but with practice and persistence , the things you apply could get easier and simpler as you get wiser, more intuitive and more experienced …In other terms , the ability to co-create with God or universe gets better and more enlarged as your scope of awareness expands …To verify this theory , we see both developed and  developing countries which  focus on making self-development(  while  investing their resources , time and energy on research , development or education ) have increased thier wealth or availability of products and services through increased productivity and upgraded technology …A book called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill says applying Knowledge is power …

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