Wayne Dyer has said something wise : ” when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change .”

In the bible , it is said :” According to your belief , it shall be done unto you .”
Aaron Doughty says: ” All truths are true .” He says observe your beliefsystem without really identifying with them and let go of any beliefs that no longer serve you … Upgrade your beliefsystem, for example from ” life is hard ” to life is beautiful and wonderfully abundandant because challenges or hardships give the flow of life its meaning and value .
Through joy and pain , We grow, glow and gain , …
Sometimes , detach from the outcome and relax and allow life to choose for you what the best match for you to be and come …Reframe things because all things are neutral as Aaron Doughty says but it is the meaning we offer to things that influence us the influence . A rainy day for a person in London ( UK) or Oregon ( North west of USA) may be differently viewed from a person living in Las Vegas ( USA) or Dubai city .

1. I have read that we attract what we are and not necessarily what we want …It is said that we are creatures of habits … We do attract things according to our beliefs , thoughts , intentions and actions… Because I love nature and environment, I have been inspired to keep my job in our family owned bookshop ( 5 minutes walking from my house ) in our small town instead of driving everyday to go to work at the capital city . This would be better mot only for my health but also for the environment to reduce CO2 emissions . I have hope and faith that electric buses and electric or hybrid cars shall replace these cars that work on petrol.

2 . Wayne Dyer has said something great : ” Be open to everything yet attached to nothing “. HE has said this in a video called the power of intention. I say that being open to infinite consciousness that is full of infinite possibilities of ideas and inentions is the best while not being attached to a particular single thing as the only true faith . I now have great gratitude that i am rediscovering myself in the now here whatever the moment may bring in the now here where I live in Lebanon. The now here is where you could experience heaven and paradise . Paradise is not necessarily in particular countries or places as i have thought but within oneself through feeling and thinking unconditional love, joy regardless , compassion , gratitude and forgiveness.
3 . God is here , there , being everywhere ( and beyond infinity )…, with all God is fair for all of us to care … The divine is in everyone , At every ” now ” ( every moment ) the best shall be done , Never say goodness has for good gone , Sooner or later Joy , inner peace and unconditional love would be sooo fun…On the journey of life , we rest , walk or run , Into every higher level of awareness , Glows the light of the sun… After the darkness of the night, The sun would be shining bright …
The omnipresent is in everything and after the winter comes the spring …With joy our spirits and hearts sing ,All the blessings shall they bring …


One thought on “BELIEFS”

  1. Whatever has happened try to make peace with the past and what matters is the now to look forward to make or allow our lives to be better , to grow , learn and evolve .
    If we put a smile o
    In the hearts and on the faces of others , cheer others and support to the best of our abilities , we could add to the peace , joy and unconditional love of the world …
    May God help us shine the light bright like the stars in the darkness of the night …
    Through both joy and pain , we transcend evolve and pain ,
    See the silver lining in the rain ,
    Have patience the rainbow is a sign
    That your blessings are coming back again
    For our power to get back and re-gain


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