You are the witness or consciousness

There is no separation between you and everything that is . You are always connected  to divine infinite desireless whole and complete eternal consciousness . Since you are not separate from consciousness , that is present in all that exists physically or non-physically , you know that what the mind thinks , or what your 5 senses see , hear , touch , smell and taste are just shadows or dreams in this time space physical reality . The true reality is pure eternal infinite formless divine all pervasive , omnipotent ( all powerful or all-capable) , omniscient ( all knowing ) and all benevolent ( all loving ) . On a high spiritual level , you realize that you need nothing to feel whole and complete . The feelings and thoughts of separation are only the limitations seen by your egoic mind and the 5 senses but your higherself intellect and intuition would realize that the divine self shines a bright light through you as the divine brings light through the sun and the stars in the galaxy .

The earth is not separate from the sun despite physical distances but in reality the light and energy the earth receives is for life to continue to exist in all its forms on earth .In the same way , our own consciousness helps bring light into our ego mind to prosper , elevate , evolve and grow .

This realization of being one with consciousness is a matter of being aware and bringing our ego mind into light to be nourished and transformed …

This is a message like not to identify so much with what we posses as a body , mind or any physical property be it money , real estate or any material possession . When we detach somehow and allow our higherselves to bring for us the best for us while we become the best we could through compassion , unconditional love , joy and gratitude , we experience nirvana or moksha or paradise or eljanna ( الجنة ) as an equivalent to paradise in Arabic … Needing nothing , we attract everything …

The physical world is always changing and evolving .The only constants are change and the formless source energy or God . This is why all religions with all subdivisions including Buddism , Islam and Christianity tell you that the real eternal world is in feeling connection to the source of creation or God or as said pure consciousness . This is true heaven or paradise and all the space time reality is just a temporary dream that we would wake up from sooner or later .Everything shall pass as one wise person has said because the world of forms or physical world is always changing , so things or forms disappear for more evolved forms to replace it and exist . Change and evolution of life are the only constants with divine timeless , spaceless formless pure consciousness .When we know ourselves as closer to the divine or more united and merged with the divine is when we go beyond time , beyond space and beyond physical firm to find true ever-lasting heaven .Heaven or paradise is not only in the dag of judgement somewhere in the future , it is within us in the now here … We go through darkness for the light to glow and shine … We go through joy and pain to grow , experience true heaven , transcend and gain .

You could transcend the this world of duality or opposites to reunite with the divine your source of creation … I am not saying my ego mind has all the answers but paradise or heaven depends on each person having her or his own unique individual experience …

Blessings , peace and best wishes …

3 thoughts on “You are the witness or consciousness”

  1. You accept the present moment for whatever it brings and change the narrative or story in your head for what has happened means . You become spacious and happy regardless …
    Here is a video I would share as well …

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  2. JERRY OWEN HAS SAID ABOUT AN AITHOR : “She was right on target with this thought ♥ You can easily reason this one out for yourself. When you awaken to exactly who you are and how powerful of an entity you are then your vibrational frequency automatically escalates by leaps and bounds—- when that happens you begin to attract all sorts of fantastic things which are also on a higher vibrational level which you absolutely cannot attract from a lower vibrational level. Energy seeks its own vibration and energy flows where attention goes—wake up and the Universe will be yours ♥ ”


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