Why is Lebanon BEAUTIFUL

Divine natural beauty is here , there , existing everywhere …I know all countries have their own unique beauty and divine blessings whether seen or unseen . I have traveled to some countries .Moerver , I have read and heard about many countries in the world in all the 6 continents . Today , I am going to talk about Lebanon where I have been brought up and lived most of my life …


You would be surprised that some citizens do not have faith that Lebanon is developing and evolving into a better version of itself like all countries in the world .However , I have faith that all would grow through both joy and pain, to grow , flow , transcend and gain …Open your heart and mind for the universe to rain , divine blessings to self -develop our hearts and brains , Always and forever , may God make us sane , For wisdom , liberty and joy , To remain the one stream being the main Road For us to prosper flow with life and gain …

Here you are with some points to mention of why I have faith and believe that God has blessed us in many ways whether we realize this or not :

  1. Lebanon has a temperate Mediterranean weather and a moderate climate , that is not so hot in the summer and not so cold or freezy in the winter . We have a great natural climatic diversity in a small area having beaches in the summer and snow on the mountains to ski in the winter .
  2. Lebanon has been historically and strategically located in the heart and the center of the world in western Asian and the Mediterranean sea between the 3 continents of Asia , Africa and Europe . This is why it is called Meditterranean sea because it is in between or in the middle these 3 continents making a great cultural union and diversity at the same time between North African and Middle Eastern and southern Europe and so Lebanon is no exception to this rule geographically , historically and strategically .

3 . This country has a great cultural diversity being influenced by the Italian culture , French culture , Turkish culture, Persian or Nowadays Iranian culture , Eygptian culture , Arabic Islamic culture and the Christian culture being first spread in Aramaic language , which Jesus has used long time ago …The laws here guarantee religious freedom …

4 . Lebanon has a great religious diversity and religious groups whether Christians or Muslims . Jesus has visited Lebanon historically . The Cedars and olive oil of Lebanon are mentioned in the Bible . THE national flag has the cedars in the middle of it till now .🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

Moreover , Arabs have later on get to Lebanon to spread Islam but christians and some minorities have lived and co-existed with Muslims historically giving the country a diversity in faith trends and groups …

The mountains have been a shield to protect religious minorities…

5 . Despite having a small area of no more than 10, 452 km square or less than even 4000 mile square , the country has great natural diversity like a long range of sea shore , mountaineous ranges , forests , wide diversity of forests like pine , oak and Cedars , Jeita natural cave , and so on …

Here is a link about Jeita caves ,


6 . The country is historically rich in historic castles like Beit el deen or , historic remainings like in Baalbek , Roman remainders , etc…

7 . Lebanon has a long history in commerce , trading , agriculture being on the Mediterranean sea that has given the inhabitants or population acces and experience in many cultures , trade roads and commerce or business…

8 . Lebanon has some democracy through elections and some freedom of press and journalism . We have many TV stations local and global through the satellites and now the internet .

9 . Lebanon has a very successful, developed and prosperous banking system that keeps the economy somehow stable and somehow working despite some recessions …However , I think we still have the It technology or information technology that is evolving and spreading even to the world …The banking sector is greatly managed to develop…

10. Despite being a small country , Lebanon is abundant with human abilities like artists , singers, musicians, museums , thinkers , and philosophers like Joubran khalil Joubran . Outside the national borders many great scientists do exist in many developed countries …Many Lebanese managers help in managing many good companies in Dubai city …

11. The Lebanese Diaspora is spread all over the world helping the country economically , financially , culturally , socially, politically and so on …

12 . The people here are smart , creative , outgoing , and friendly in general . I know that all nations have the good and bad but I love the hospitality here …

13 . I have faith that since we have great minds, divine universal blessings , plenty of water and sunshine and some good people , reforms in the infrastructers and development projects supported by the international community could attract many human capital and finacial investments to build projects especially renewable energy projects like geothermal , hydroelectric , solar and wind electric generating power plants .They talk about many public institutions especially the electricity that would require reforming , restructuring and rebuilding in a better way . We have great potentials to prosper like all countries .Example , the East African country like kenya and the rising Latin American developing nation of Brazil have made huge progress in renewable energy projects .

14. The food is delicious and famous just like the Italian food . We have houmus , Tabouli salad , Fatoush salad , Hreicy which is so delicious as well…( For more information, you could search for images on about Tabouly …)

Least not last , I wish all countries prosperity , peace , and ascension …

I hope and have faith that all would be able to visit all the countries in the world without visa to make the world more peaceful , more united and more Utopian … I hope faith that the world would not have borders except on maps and the the whole world would become more ecstatic , peaceful , compassionate , more loving , more prosperous and more friendly …

Call this dream as the world dream that all would visit all the countries in the world without visa to make the world more peaceful , more united and more Utopian …

Peace , light and blessings to the world …


8 thoughts on “Why is Lebanon BEAUTIFUL”

  1. You are not separate from God your creator . You should only realize that you are already connected to the divine through unconditional love ,compassion peace and joy .
    Answers are within each and everyone of us. We could help one another but the true answers are from within you to figure out with time . Merging with God is possible but you are already connected to God in the here now …


  2. I want to add that as Abraham Hicks says that we are an extension of God or source energy .
    It is well known to all , that as an extension of God or source energy , we have timeless , spaceless , formless and spiritual or metaphysical energetic dimensions that are in other terms beyond the labels or definitions of time , space , matter , and beyond the physical forms and beyond our thoughts and even emotions . This is our oneness of pure divine formless infinite indefinite pure consciousness .
    This is why it is said that we are not only a drop in the sea of pure formless consciousness but slso the sea
    Of pure divine consciousness in the drop .
    Blessings to the world and the universe …


  3. Every person has the seed of great unlimited potential for further development and improvement …All that is required is to take inspired action to make further progress and more success…
    Love and light from Lebanon…


  4. ike  Likes: 1

    Don’t underestimate what you have. It may look small and insignificant. Compared to what you’re facing, perhaps it seems utterly useless. All the odds are against you. But when God breathes on your life, the odds dramatically change. You and God are a majority. God can open doors that should have never opened in the natural. God can take you beyond where your talent and your education say you should be. God can make a way even when you don’t see a way. It’s not enough just to have faith in God. That’s important, but you have to have faith in what God has given you. You are not lacking. You were not shortchanged. You are not at a disadvantage. The Creator of the universe is breathing on your life. He is breathing on your health, breathing on your finances, breathing on your marriage. If you will be confident in what God has given you, He can take what looks like little and turn it into much.

    Joel Osteen, Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind

    Like  Likes: 1

    Don’t complain about the problem. It’s not random. You’re going to need that victory in the future. God is taking you from glory to glory. When you come through this challenge, that victory will be the fuel you use that gets you to the next level of glory.

    Joel Osteen , Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind

    Tags: inspirational


    We can’t stop the negative voices from speaking, but we can choose whether or not we’re going to dwell on what they say.

    Joel Osteen, Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind


    You are the head and not the tail. You will lend and not borrow. You are a victor and not a victim.

    Joel Osteen, Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind


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  5. Relax , trust and allow . To clarify my point , do not fight and do not resist , because what you give energy to would persist .
    Evolve , act , develop and grow ,
    For transcendence and blessings to flow
    With your intuition and mind you know ,
    What does not serve you ,
    you gradually leave and let go
    Allow the universe to co -create with you and let it be so ,
    Everything shall pass when
    You rest in peace eternally,
    Blessed with the divine you glow ,
    In every life incarnation you reap
    What you sow ,
    I have hope and faith
    That we choose to draw
    Our path to liberty and freedom ,
    Everything shall pass and liberty
    And awareness are a universe
    With God together we draw ,
    To the majesty of life , we sometimes humbly bow ,
    Then get up and with the blessings
    Of the rivers of life ,
    Just move , run , jump , cheer and
    Play the game of see-saw,
    The ups and downs of life ,
    Teach us detachment from life is a game we get to discover and from within know ,
    Sometimes of Outcomes we let go , because whatever comes in life is a blessing hidden or apparent to flow ,
    We be , do and have the best we can ,
    But the divine has the best plan for us to shine bright like the stars and glow …


  6. JERRY OWEN IS right on target with the thought ♥ he has read somewhere. You can easily reason this one out for yourself. When you awaken to exactly who you are and how powerful of an entity you are then your vibrational frequency automatically escalates by leaps and bounds—- when that happens you begin to attract all sorts of fantastic things which are also on a higher vibrational level which you absolutely cannot attract from a lower vibrational level. Energy seeks its own vibration and energy flows where attention goes—wake up and the Universe will be yours ♥


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