Watch “SHOCKING TRUTH to Why Bad People Seem to Get What They Want | KARMA Teachings From My Yogi Master!” on YouTube

Despite the world of duality of good and bad , or light and darkness , Faith not only move mountains but alters the world .Sure what we believe is true , is what we get beause all truths are true . If you believe you are vibrant , blessed and successful , and act in alignment with this truth , this is what you would get

Everyday is a day of judgement . What we put out is what we get .

Judgement by source energy is neither eternal hell nor eternal paradise but our karma or energy whether good or not, positive or negative returns to us … Paradise is our good karma returning to us with joy , compassion and unfailing love…

God bless all and guide us through life …

I have shared this 5-minutes video on my website to help raise awareness in others because all people are great when they believe in their worthiness and wholeness …


2 thoughts on “Watch “SHOCKING TRUTH to Why Bad People Seem to Get What They Want | KARMA Teachings From My Yogi Master!” on YouTube”

  1. Relax , trust and allow . To clarify my point , do not fight and do not resist , because what you give energy to  would persist .
    Evolve , act , develop and grow ,
    For transcendence and blessings to flow
    With your intuition and mind you know ,
    What does not serve you ,
    you gradually leave and let go
    Allow the universe to co -create with you and let it be so ,
    Everything shall pass when
    You rest in peace eternally,
    Blessed with the divine you glow ,
    In every life incarnation  you reap
    What you sow ,
    I have hope and faith
    That we choose to draw
    Our path to liberty and freedom ,
    Everything shall pass and liberty
    And awareness are a universe
    With God together we draw , 
    To the majesty of life , we sometimes humbly bow ,
    Then get up and with the blessings
    Of the rivers of life ,
    Just move , run , jump , cheer and
    Play the game of see-saw,
    The ups and downs of life ,
    Teach us detachment from life is a game we get to discover and from within know , 
    Sometimes of Outcomes we let go  , because whatever comes in life is a blessing hidden or apparent  to flow ,
    We be , do and have the best we can ,
    But the divine has the best plan for us to shine bright like the stars and glow …


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