When You Don’t Know What to Do… — Love Changes everything

There is something that I know is true and I go to this place whenever I feel that the situation seems unsolvable or that it seems like I can’t get to the bottom of it in a way that is clear to me. It is during those times that the truth seems to be hidden […]

When You Don’t Know What to Do… — Love Changes everything

3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know What to Do… — Love Changes everything”

  1. Relax , detach and allow while you do your best …Whatever may come is the best for you whether you realize it or not …
    Focus on being abundant in delivering a service or value to others and the physical wealth would come step by step .
    I recommend that you read about a Tanzanian guy called Patrick Nogwi who has started his company borrowing no more than 50 or 100 dollars to establish or start from scratch a company that installs solar panels for houses that have no access to grid power in Kenya . Belueving in renewable energy , in sustainable development, and having faith in preserving and improving the overall environments, he has gradually become a multi-millionaire having a large company . He is now a public speaker in the UN … The road is not always straightforward path but through divine connection , faith , persistence, things would get better day after day in every way , the divine wealth shall to stay , to all sending love away …


  2. Okay , maybe you should realize that you are connected to your divine source or God .
    While physical wealth or materialistic wealth is important but the most important and everlasting divine wealth or reality is in the realization that you are connected to the divine presence within you and within all that is through love , compassion , truth , light and gratititude or joy unconditionally.

    It is better to detach from the outcome and trust and allow the universe to bring to you whatever is best for you .
    Do what you could to feel connected and blessed and things start to change for the better as you change for the better … When you are ready , things could more possibly appear …
    As said :”
    Seek the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added unto you.

    Realizing the kingdom of God through love , joy , eternity of peace , spirituality through any way suitable for you is the real unlimited abundance …
    I am no different than you and no one is different but it is about changing the way you look at things or changing your emotions and perceptions …This receptivity to the divine guidance has taken me years …
    Just know that the kingdom of God is within you …
    Much love , mercy and peace forever …

    Best wishes …


  3. What you resist persists . Sometimes , it is better while trusting the divine infinite intelligence realizing your divine nature is to let go , relax and allow the best to come while being the best you could.  You trust and detach from the outcome .


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