Watch “How to THRIVE in NEGATIVE -TOXIC environments ⁉️ 🤯Law of Attraction (2019)” on YouTube

I agree to change for the better what you could but in some places , relaxing , making peace with whatever is present or is coming and transforming our energies into that of love, forgiveness , joy and compassion for no reason is the best thing to do. We may all pass through hardships but whatever we pass through is to grow , evolve and transcend spiritually , mentally and physically…Many are the examples to look at if we choose …

Another point I agree to in the video is that What you resist persists . Sometimes , it is better while trusting the divine infinite intelligence realizing your divine nature is to let go , relax and allow the best to come while being the best you could. You trust and detach from the outcome .The less important you make things that bother you , the less they would have an impact over you …

Answers have been within us , within our connect ion to source energy or God through the channels of our hearts , minds and spirits .

Our answers are within our intuition and minds if we are open and ready to receive , recognize and realize. Just as an example , renewable energy technology is great for humanity because it helps sustain and preserve our environment and earth in which we all live and thrive …We have the same renewable hope and, unfailing love , eternal joy renewable compassion … It is the reason that it is said in Christianity that the kingdom of God is within you …
There is also a verse in the Holy Quraan that says that God is closer to you than the vessels of your hearts . ” الله اقرب اليك من حبل الوريد ”

Please , do your best to understand the ideas that I am trying to convey or present in the here now brothers and sisters in humanity , which is all that exists in the oneness of the divine especially in the higher dimensional realities. Maybe , the concept of heaven or paradise and hell in the day of judgement means that what you put in the now is what you get . It is like the concept of karma in Hinduism or the concept of energy oscillation in quantum physics that the kind of energy you put out is what you get back in the now here , which is in reality is all that exists . As within , so without and as above , so below . There is no inward or outward , because the outside world is a reflection of the inside world directly or indirectly . Change your perception of things , for things outside to change and adapt to your energy frequency. In other words, look at the world as a place full of light , joy , love and compassion to create your own heaven or paradise even if you have ever thought or felt life is hard or life is like a hell . You could not know paradise before seeing hell and pain . Without the darkness of the night , the sun and stars could not shine bright . I think and feel and agree that heaven or paradise is a state of consciousness or a feeling or a thought of unconditioned joy , peace , compassion and eternal love not in a specific place elsewhere , not in a time in the future but in the here now wherever it maybe and is all that exists but changing forms , shapes , colors and sizes . The here now is all that exists eternally . The divine is too compassionate and too loving to make people experience eternal endless hell . It is we who create our hell or our paradise and nostalgia through our perseptions , visions and energy frequency . We could make the films or watch the films that we seek in life because the kingdom of God is within us in the eternal here now .Just like watching the Television Channell or the youtube channel that you seek. Another point , we could not know the pleasure and ecstacy of joyful paradise if you do not see the opposites . The day of judgement is everyday in every way and At everytime , we could tap spiritually into the divine, to feel good or the opposite . Life is what we co-create with God and the universe.

Peace, joy and love to all …


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