Change from Inside to change outside …

Through joy and pain , all evolve and gain ,

Our creator is sane ,

To bring water and rain ,

Love is the answer to remain ,

Our consciousness scope is the main ,

Horizons that goes on in truth so plain

Reality is like a dream to reframe

We channel energy from the source of life Endlessly and eternal energy would never drain

See my comment below for all to explain

3 thoughts on “Change from Inside to change outside …”

  1. Thank you …
    I do not claim that I am a poet but I hope that our messages implied in the lines would have a great positive liberating influence like the domino effect or the butterfly effect …
    Best wishes …
    May your light and the light of people like you shine to contribute to brightening and enlightening life on earth for all …
    This is the universal dream that is an evolved version of the American dream …

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  2. How could the homeless people in the USA or all over the world be helped to become at least in the middle class category or even wealthy ?
    Is it by giving them minimum allowance or prividing them with libraries equiped with great things like self-development books and internet access to informative and educative videos or sketches ?

    Could the governments and private insitutions help the homless learn new skills in whatever fields they like ?
    Those people could learn to install solar panels on rooftops as an example only or plant trees in public gardens or collect some abondened stuff for recycling or even find any calue to add to others …
    How could the rich help the poor not only finacially but also emotionally in realizing that they could change for the better and they have unlimited potential to grow and develop ?
    Even if some homeless are addicted to alcohol or drugs , aren’t there ways that could be promoted by non-governmental organizations to make people rediscover or realize that they are capable of doing any service to themselves and the world ? By doing so , they become more spiritually and finacially prosperous and fulfilled .
    Thank you for reading …
    May God bless us all with increasingly growing abundance emotionally , spiritually , mentally, economically and physically …


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