Holographic Activism

This is like the power of intention as riding the wave of luck or blessings that are infinite and more than enough for everyone to ride and flow with the flow regenerative transformation.


The Universal Upward Path

One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is our power to believe. Whether it’s a thought, emotion, attitude, political affiliation, identity attribute, spiritual goal, relationship, personal fear, or global dream… what we believe we make true for us.

Actually, belief in this regard is our only ability. Consciously or unconsciously, it is our ontological steering wheel. Conversely, the only real threat to our existence, a happy and successful one that is, is to (consciously or unconsciously) let someone or something else steer believing for us.

Belief itself is not that remarkable. Much like rocket fuel sitting in a tank in some test laboratory, belief on the pages of a book or suspended in conversation among friends in a cafe is relatively inert. But once we choose to metabolize our directed emotions, to believe our beliefwell, blast off!

It is not our hands and…

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