At higher levels of consciousness

At higher levels of consciousness, there would be more realization of pure divine unconditional love, unconditioned joy , bliss , peace , more connection to the eternal unconditioned formless source of creation, fluidity , spirituality ,flexibility , connectedness, tuning on , groundedness, imagination, more bliss, oneness of being , more enlightnment, more awareness, more faith and self-fullfilment, more effectiveness, more receptivity to source energy or signals , synchronicity  and becoming like a dream state where things get easier and faster to change …


A verse in the Qur’an says literally: ” One day for God is like 1000 years that we count “. The explaination could be different from person to person .Some say that this day is the judgement day but personally I believe that there is something like Karma and evolution. What we put out we get directly or indirectly. Change in consciousness begins and ends with our awareness and our ability to evolve and transcend . I believe that God is timeless and spaceless and could unfold for us in this 3 d or 5 d reality in one day as much as G would do in a 1000 years if we are ready to learn and open to receive from an inner knowing…
The bible has verses talking about rebirth and it does not necessarily mean reincarnation but rebirth of our awareness or personality into a better version of us .


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