We co-create with the universe

. AS Aaron Doughty explains In details , you could say that infinite number of realities do exist in the now and here. You could tap into the reality you want that already exist through feelings , emotions and actions . You start to embody the feelings , thoughts, intentions and actions as if they already exist . Sure you do not identify with those emotions, beliefs and actions but you become aware of them .

Example , there is a reality where you are joyful and prosperous . There is another version of a reality where you could be in Japan with your friends and siblings or in Dubai . Infinite number of realities do exist that you do not have to create but only tune into ot tap into or turn on to its frequency as Abraham Hicks explains .If some thoughts or feelings come , do not resist them . Allow them to be , make peace with them and let them go away to replace them with better ones .Best wishes …

Watch “How you REALLY Create your own Reality (and how to do it powerfully)” on YouTube

We are creatures of habits , be it thinking , feeling or doing . As Aoron says that these habits could be tools to being to become what we love . The most important thing is our state of being in the process of becoming.We reprogram both conscious and unconsciousĀ  minds to better thoughts , beliefs and feelings.To illustrate , when we become aware of how we feelĀ  , think and act , we let go of things that do not serve us and replace them with better thoughts , feelings , intentions and actions to experience a better life reality .