Watch “3 Types of Energy Fields that Are CONTROLLING Your Life (and you don’t even know it)” on YouTube

In this video , the author says that 3 types of energies influence a person without realizing . However , once a person becomes aware of these energy fields ( coming from the society or social conditioning , the energy or emotions or thoughts coming from a place or a location and the energy field coming from own personal experience , mindsets or beliefs ), he or she could become aware of them , observe them , make peace with them, let them go in order for him or her to transcend them and replace them with new beliefs , new emotions of peace , joy , ecstacy and unconditional love . Aaron Doughty says that all truths are true , and each person has different beliefs or thoughts or ideas that he or she believes are right but others may not believe the same. It all depends on his or her own path or own perception. We do not have to cling to a certain belief except those that serve us . Aaron Foughty asked a mentor , what were the beliefs of Jesus and Buddha, he answered that they have no beliefs , just inner knowing or being . They simply knew that the kingdom of God is within each and everyone of us .

With that being said , you observe your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to get inspired to change them for the better. Example , in a certain country especially, in a developing country whatever the country may be or wherever it may be located, if people believe their country is economically underdeveloped or poor , it would stay so. However , if the people in this country or at least the leaders believe in the great human capital of the citizens or that their coutry is blessed with certain natural resources or certain natural aspects , then the nation would develop to gain more financial prosperity and abundance. As only few good expamples for the great economic and techological development of some countries are China, UAE( especially Dubai and Abu Dabi ) and South Korea. All nations and individuals have unlimited potential as they are coming from God or source energy or the creator being unlimited …

Awareness of the unlimited power and unlimited power is a first step to greatness. Our awareness of consciousness transforms to the better ususlly as does the warm sunlight that gives life to us on earth .

Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.

Nhat Hanh

Awareness is the first step to action. They have to know something is going on to know to do something about it.

Derick Virgil

2 thoughts on “Watch “3 Types of Energy Fields that Are CONTROLLING Your Life (and you don’t even know it)” on YouTube”

  1. Manifestations from consciousness and higherself is unconditional love , joy and gratitude .Being open to the will of God or your higherself to choose the best out of the infinite possibilities .As the Bible says: ” Let thy will be done .”
    I heard THIS ON A YOUTUBE VIDEO that God has the best plans for us beyond than our minds could think or imagine…


  2. I think there is something that Zen Buddhism calls the middle way that combines the ego with your higherself. There is the middle way between complete abstinence or overindulgence in this physical world as Alan Watts expains .
    In this way , your ego mind helps you get guidance from God or source energy or higherself instead of completely relying on your ego mind.


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