Watch “How to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time? (LOA)” on YouTube

Our higherselves or our divine higher self is timeless , spaceless, limitless and formless , so are we if we feel connection to our higher-selves. Definitely true …

You,  as an extension of the divine , are omnipresent, eternal , omnipotent and omniscient at the right time and at the right place . Everything exists in the now and here . There is no duality on a spiritual level . There is only oneness of  being in the now and here beyond duality . All is interconnected . You are whole , perfect and complete beyond description.

You are not only a particle in the universe but also the universe in the particle .

3 thoughts on “Watch “How to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time? (LOA)” on YouTube”

  1. As within , so without .
    We are microcosmic versions of the universe expanding endlessly.

      You connect to the formless divine presence within through joy , peace and unconditional spiritual love.
    When thoughts , feelings , intentions and actions align , greater inspirations and outcomes get from the field of infinite possibilities that already exist but all you got to do is feel good and joyful from inside regardless of the outer conditions.

    Your energy transforms you and your environment simulatanously…


  2. Aaron Doughty said in an email :
    “this may sound a bit esoteric…


    but I figured I would ask…


    have you heard of what is called the 4th dimension?


    the reason I ask is I want to make more videos on this topic…


    I believe NOW is the time of us shifting from a 3D level of consciousness into a 4 and 5D level of consciousness…


    I just posted a new video on the 4th dimensional Shift and what to expect..


    check it out by clicking below 



    think of 3D like “duality” and the dream of ‘separation’


    in 3D things move slow and there is an attachment to labels…


    “good,” “bad,” “light,” “dark,” etc


    as we raise our vibration into a 4 and 5D level life becomes more magical and reality becomes more flexible…


    there is less emphasis on “time and space” and more on “being here now”


    in the 4th dimension things manifest easier since the vibration is higher…


    as time goes on I believe the vibrations on the planet will continue to raise…


    and we will have easier access to higher states of consciousness and emotions such as love, joy, bliss etc


    Time also seems to be going by WAYYYY faster…



  3. Reality Transurfing

    AS Aaron Doughty explains In details , you could say that infinite number of realities do exist in the now and here. You could tap into the reality you want that already exist through feelings , emotions and actions . You start to embody the feelings , thoughts, intentions and actions as if they already exist . Sure you do not identify with those emotions, beliefs and actions but you become aware of them .

    Example , there is a reality where you are joyful and prosperous . There is another version of a reality where you could be in Japan with your friends and siblings or in Dubai . Infinite number of realities do exist that you do not have to create but only tune into ot tap into or turn on to its frequency as Abraham Hicks explains .
    Best wishes …


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