Watch “How to Make 1 Million Dollars Online in 2019” on YouTube

I agree with of the ideas in this brief video .

Yes , using knowledge that you know well is powerful . I heard that the more you learn , the more you earn .
As Joe Dispenza said , ” If you want to change your personal reality , change your personality. ”

YOUR personality is influenced by what you do , think and feel .

Reprogramming the subconscious beliefs is a key to prosperity and abundance.

Jan Lok said : ” In order to develop and achieve more , you have to reinvent yourself . ” In other words , to become very successful and genius , keep learning new skills and knowledge to replace or release the old ones ( that keep you where you were in the past .
Moreover , ask : ” What value would you offer to the world .?”
As an example ,
I read once about a Tanzanian young man called Patrick Nogwi who has become wealthy first by installing solar panels on rooftops in Tanzania( East Africa ) in places that are still off-grid to put lights on during the night .He really loves what he does .

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