Watch “My Portfolio Is Down 20%… Here Is My Plan For 2019!” on YouTube

I agree with the Ryan in this video , It is better to buy more when things like the deep falling down of the markets happen like in 2008 and 2009.

You could invest a little now but wait untill markets fall and then double or triple your investing. I have done a brief article about this topic on simple tips to investing on this website .

This video reminds me of ths video he has done with Dan Loc, who mentioned 3 important things in generating income.

1. Acquire a high income skill ( develop and learn new things or educate and invest in yourself more).

2 . Make a scaleable business , a business model you could scale up with just a little money invested .

3 . Make money work for you in different ways like investing in real estates , stock markets , bonds , ETFs, etc …you name them…

Yes , wealth comes with greater knowledge and learning how to use it .Skills , loving to grow, ability to respond with different situations and , networks and offering a value to others help accumulate and multiply wealth .

One thought on “Watch “My Portfolio Is Down 20%… Here Is My Plan For 2019!” on YouTube”

  1. Warren Buffet says do not always do what others do .

    Get more into buying when everyone starts selling and is afraid of the market when prices drop and become careful and start selling more at higher prices when people start buying a lot …

    Buy low when markets are bearish and prices are low and peaple are careful of the downsides , while start selling more when markets boom to realize profits .

    In short , buy low ans sell high …

    But step by step and gradually ( buying in pieces ) because markets can not be timed , so keep some cash .

    Another tip is to investment is not to place all the money in equities , put some in the bank to earn interest , invest in yourself and buy some lands or real estate to rent out or resell at higher prices…
    ( get the right knowledge ) …


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