Watch “3 Tricks of the EGO that BLOCK Success, Happiness and Manifestation” on YouTube

I agree with Aaron that observing and knowing ( without identifying with ) our ego is important to evolve and grow .It is said : ” Those who look outside dream  , those who look inside awaken.”

What Aaron Doughty has mentioned in this video especially in the first tip out of the 3 tips ( he shed light on ) is like taking the middle way between the ego and the higher self or as the zen Buddhism says the moderation or middle way between complete abstinence or overindulgence in this physical world as Alan Watts said in one of his seminars or lectures …Example , doing what you enjoy as a hobby or gaining physical wealth is good to seek and have in your life but do not be obsessed with it . Know that you are whole and complete on a spiritual level with or without physical wealth .

The ego could be our best friendly constructive avatar if it is connected to our higher-self through unconditional love, unconditional joy and peace . The potential is unlimited . Be the best you could be and allow the universe or God to bring to you the best match to the best you at the now here present through peace , mindfullness and unconditional love.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

In other terms , the kingdom of heaven is within you .

The soulutions to the problems and so expanding and growing ourselves on an intuitive , intellectual and spiritual levels are much easier and simpler than we imagine if they emerge out of love , relaxing peacefully , allowing , being mindful in our actions ,in our  intentions and in our emotions. In that way , we follow the path of least resistance.

3 thoughts on “Watch “3 Tricks of the EGO that BLOCK Success, Happiness and Manifestation” on YouTube”

  1. Eckhart Tolle says that the yoga means union with God and karma means action .
    He reads some scriptures of the Buddism that says put your attention on the action itself on the beingness or still presence within and detach from the rewards or fruits or the outcome of your action .

    Connect to the constant divine within you and detach from the changing world of forms …


  2. Infinite number of realities do exist for all of us . Be in the energy frequency of the reality you prefer.
    It is a process of being before doing and having .
    Another point is welcome to our continuously expanding renewable universe .Blessings to all.

    Seek the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added unto you.


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