3 feet from Gold

The title I read in the book called “Think and Grow rich ” by Napolean Hill shows how people could quit only a few steps before their efforts are just about to be rewarded with success , money or Gold .Mr. Darby, a young man at that time , and his uncle started looking for Gold and tried to extract it . They borrowed money and went to buy equipments that could extract Gold from the ground. At first, they could find Gold ores and sell them, but still not enough for them to even repay the money they borrowed . Then , they searched and looked for Gold without finding any more . They decided to quit , sell the equipments to another man and return home to repay their creditors back .

The man who bought the equipments decided to get an expert to calculate and find out exactly where the Gold could be present . He discovered the Gold in the mine just 3 feet from where Mr.Darby and his uncle stopped . This man became a millionaire. The book would mention an idea that more Gold has been extracted from the minds of people than mines of Gold on earth .

Mr. Darby learned the lesson not to give up if he would face a temporary defeat . Success is made by people who persistently work on themselves, learn from their mistakes and always do their best to grasp opportunities and win. Later on , Mr. Darby would become a successful rich insurance salesman who learned the lessons of persistence and faith to succeed.

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