Watch “The Path of Least Resistance and Taking ACTION” on YouTube

Be the best version of yourself , be joyful in the now here for whatever you have and get and trust that the universe has the best for you whatever it maybe. Being the best you could at first , inspires you to act to move with the flow of life And co-create with the universe.
You are already enlightened, whole and complete on a spiritual level and need nothing outside to make you whole and complete.

Find your happiness within and life is not only about achieving a materialistic thing outside yourself . Joy is finding the true kingdom of heaven that is within you in the formless presence or divine essence .
You are an invidualization of God as a wave is an individualization of an ocean so better feel like moving with the flow of life through unconditional love and unconditioned joy.

You move with the flow of life like a boat moving with the stream of the river that feels more joyful , more productive, easier , more efficient and more effective.

When you connect to higher self beyond the ego, you get more knowledgeable about the best for you .

3 thoughts on “Watch “The Path of Least Resistance and Taking ACTION” on YouTube”

  1. Build as you go and with the flow of life you go .
       Ride the waves of the ocean
    And do it so …
    The seeds of intention you grow ,
    To eternally reap what you sow ,
    Deep down you know ,
    Everything is within you to draw
    What you see and what you saw
    Is all a dream full of love to glow

    ( I am not a poet but I felt like writing .)


  2. If you see something not so good , it could be a blessing in disguise, a speedbump to slow down and rethink or a stepping stone to success.

    Wayne Dyer said: ” When you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change. ”

    Abraham Hicks says : ” when you focus on the good , the good gets better .”

    When you get in vibrational alignment to who you really are as an extension of the divine , things start to unfold for you and through you .”

    Nothing is too good to be true being connected to God, our creator. God has the best plan for us .


  3. JAKE Ducy talks about 3 important keys in tapping into tje reality you prefer .
    1 . Reprogram your subconscious mind that controls 90 or 95 percent of your mind …
    2 . You attract what you are …
    3 . Just embody your frequency and detach from the timing leaving this to the eternity of the divine …


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