Just think what and why

Yes , since you are a spiritual divine being in a human body, you are truly unlimited .You are everything in the universe expanding , and everything in the universe is you expanding endlessly.


Since you are one with everything , you could be do or have anything as a poosibility . ALL You could do is set the intention of what it is that you intend , be it a relationship , wealth , health or anything . Just relax , chill out , love unconditionally and allow the universe to deliver what you intend to have , be or do because all you seek is in the infinite field of potentiality in the universe .

Another important thing is to set the deep reason or intention behind why you would love to do , be or have . If your intention is out of unconditional love, joy , peace and for the greater good , then trust the process to allow your higher self, universe and God to deliver and help you manifest what you intend to get into fruition. This good intention or innner motivation is a good signal sent to the universe . The universe simply responds to your energy. ” As within , so without.”

In addition, sometimes , better that you let go of when ( time ) , where ( place ) and how ( the way ) because your higher-self and the universe know the best timing, best place and the best ways in bringing you the best that matches your own energy .The universe is eternal , omnipresent, omniscient and unlimited…So just detach from the time and place and the manner because they know better .Trust that in the grand scheme of things , blessings unfold for your greater good at the right time , right place and best manner  .



4 thoughts on “Just think what and why”

    1. View at Medium.com

      ” If the Inner Intention is the determination to act, then the External Intention is the determination to own.

      The External Intention arises not as an act of will, but as a consequence of the unity of the soul and mind, therefore it is also called Pure Intent.”

      A quote from this website .


  1. Another important point in setting intentions is a deep subconscious why or an important reason for setting an intention . Does the intention of manifestations align with your values or purpose of your soul , spirit and mind ?

    Example , a Tanzanian young man called Patrick Nogwi has become a millionaire and international UN public speaker for environmental matters by starting his business of installing solar panels on rooftops in Tanzania especially in rural areas offgrid . By using solar panels to lighten up the houses in Tanzania at night , he supports the environment and sustainable development.


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