Watch “Why “Follow Your Joy” Doesn’t Always Work – Teal Swan” on YouTube

In this video , Teal Swan talks about something like healing your unconscious mind from social conditioning that does not really serve us . Sometimes , we have better question deeply why we feel the way we feel when doing something and get deep into the reason we feel the this way .For instance ,  if we were told in Childhood that success only comes from working hard ( without working smartly as well as giving ourselves some space ) , then we would not feel good if we do not work for long ours like 80 hours or 100 hours a week . Now , if we are aware of these thoughts and emotions , then we could do something like shadow work or unconscious mind reporamming that success and joy are backed up not only by working hard , but also by working smartly , joyfully , whole-heartedly and creatively .As she says , thoughts and emotions are the tip of the iceberg that helps guide us to the whole iceberg and get to the roots of our deep emotions of why we feel the way we feel if we do so and so . Then , we would probably get free will to choose whatever serves us on a deep level physically, mentally , intuitively and spiritually when we shed light on such emotions and become aware of them.

We unleash our unlimited power that is within and rebuild our strength and joy that comes from our higher-self and the wisdom that comes from our inner guidance system . We become creative and inspired to act and navigate through life as a ship is directed by the captain who is helped by the compass ( the emotions in our case). We free our selves and evolve eternally.

However , ” if I wanna be free , I have gonna be me ” as Bob procter said . Be yourself , be real and be authentic . Be unconditionally present in your own self . Being real on what truly brings you joy free from social  conditioning that does not resonate with our true character is great .This helps you be free , aware , more authentic and wise.

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival. 

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Wayne Dyer said : ” when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change .” Life reflects back  to us what we give  in one way or another be it directly or indirectly. When we are healed , our world improves .

Best wishes .

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