How could Chinese economic growth help South Africa ?

In a world becoming more and more interrelated and  interconnected with faster telecommunications and quicker transportation, countries are cooperating for further development .China’s economy is growing and evolving year after year and could help the economy of SA to grow and evolve . First of all , as the individual income grows , China could export many tourists to spend in South Africa. Second , China could be a source of investment publically and privately… China is already investing in many African nations. China extracts minerals from many African nations in exchanging of developing roads and building infrastructure in Africa…According to a source on the internet  (our-thinking/insights/chinese-investment-in-south-africa ) Chinese direct investment in South Africa reached in 2017 about 15.2 billion dollars or about 19 percent of FDI in South Africa…


Third , China is an export – oriented country like many Asian tigers and could export a lot of goods and services there to increase the quantity of goods and services available in SA… China could receive many foreign students from South Africa to learn there and learn about its culture and if necessary, China could benefit from their skills …

There were 848,500 foreign residents in China (Annual Report on Chinese International Migration, 2015; Jiang Jie in Global Times, 2015).
At an average 3.9 percent increase per year, this means 881,591 (in 2014), 915,973 (in 2015), 951,696 (in 2017) and 988,812 (in 2017).(  ACCORDING TO A source on the internet .)

Most of these are concentrate in the larger cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangdong.

China could import many metals and minerals from south Africa to increase foreign currency availability in there…All countries are exchanging resources discovered , expertise developed and human capital …

China could contribute to  the economic , legal and political development of the whole world and not only south Africa as its economy is rising . China matters in the global political situation as a huge economin and political super power …

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