Ways to shift into growth mindset


The ability to grow , develop and transcend into higher levels of success if we believe in our natural God given talents .There are many possible ways to move to growth mindset :
1 . Reading self-development books and researching
2 . Learning new skills in any area
3 . Meeting successful people.
4 . Attending seminars …
5 . Being creative
6 . Having a balanced approach between health and career…
7 . Learning from your mistakes to become wiser and stronger
8. Helping those people you love
9. Having persistence and will power
10. Focusing on abunadance and prosperity…
11. Knowing that growth and development are continuous and endless…
12. Realizing that many possibilities do exist in answering a question…

As an example I have a book for Antony Robbins called Notes from a friend .
See if you could listen to it for an audiobook on youtube…

An artist called Ania Amador said or posted on facebook once :

” FAQ: how do you find the motivation to “get it all done”?

Answer: I let go of the idea that it ever ends. I try to wrap my head around what “it all” actually is by making lists and prioritizing the tasks. I feel good about the completion of the tasks no matter what they are. I don’t stress about the details of getting from point A to point B, and instead I practice the feelings of point B. It feels so good on the other side of this to do list. I feel accomplished, relieved, grateful, and excited to move on to what’s next. I am forgiving of myself when things don’t according to my initial plan and I allow the unfolding of everything in perfect timing.

Organization + appreciation for where I am at + excitement for where I am going= momentum for moving forward.”



God is here , there and everywhere
To grow and transcend we really dare
How it happens no one would care
We do our best , success is not rare
In God we trust , that life is fair
Improving ourselves and we choose to others not to compare
We unite and blessings we share …
To move ahead , we become aware

Let us focus on the new reality of recreating a better system . Focus on the new collective and individual state of consciousness to create a better version of us and the world …
Realizing the wonders and fullness of life in the now here, we evolve and expand scopes of awarness  …





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