Double slit experiment

Jerry Owen said on July 3, 2018
In the law of attraction group on facebook.

I absolutely love this one. We know from Quantum Physics and experiments such as the famous Double Slit Experiment that everything exists as massive energy waves of Infinite possibility. It is only when an observer becomes involved that these possibilities collapse into singular rigid forms. We are the Observers!!! Take us out of the equation and there is no Universe—there are only Infinite Possibilities. ”

I say God has given human beings a free will through their advanced intellectual abilities to understand
and evolve to move along with the universe to becomd united with it.
The more we evolve and tap into our intuitive and intellectual abilities, the more we feel that the universe flows through us and for us…The feeling is the prayer as said and the same infinite intelligence and God who created the universe has created us , so all we have to do to prosper more quickly is to realize the fact that we are connected to God and the universe in
infinite number of ways…

Wayne Dyer says when when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change.
Example , you could see
In quantum physics , and particularly in the Double slit experiment, electrons have infinite number of possibilities in the quantum field and do not take certain forms whether particles or waves or any other thing unless observed or gotten under expectation.

The perception of reality could change the reality and this is like the observer effect…


Someone said : ” Everything is nothing untill you give it meaning.  ”

This is like the observer effect .

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