To shed a light on some simple ideas…

I agree that unconditional love is one of the true divine nature just as light … Yes , sometimes , the sun sets and black clouds cover the sky and raining tears fall down for one good purpose or another that we could find through choosing joy , unconditional love as you said , feeling good and worthy…

Persistence pays …Persistence and focus is required ( okay to have a break sometimes and have a kit-kat for pleasure . Lol ) in realizing that we are truly not only the physical bodies but also spiritual formless energetic energy beyond forms , shapes and colors… We expand , develop and grow in and out of form eternally…
We are spiritual beings awakening in and out of temporary human experience…
Yes and yes and yes . Why not love ourselves unconditionally and feel self-fulfillment as much as we could since our true nature is the formless divine that could be molded into infinite number of expanding forms…
The divine is here and there existing everywhere in everything and after the storms and darkness of the winter , sure would come a spring…
Even in the darkness of the night ,
Stars and the moon in heaven shine bright,
To guide our sight ,
Never hold into time so tight ,
Time is an illusion and
to illustrate that this right
Timing differs across the planet
Where in some places it is day and others it is night…
So place and space is also a human illusion…
So keep away from this delusion
In the divine infinity , there is no exclusion
In divinity , we are all falling into conclusion , we get what we are choosing with persistence and in unconditional love and unconditioned joy come the path of least resistance

All the best , always and forever …
Amen , amen , amen…uu

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