Jerry Owen said that Vibration , Frequency and Energy are the way the universe works—

If you know the secret of Vibration you are like a Bumblebee and can open all sorts of closed doors . Vibration , Frequency and Energy are the way the universe works—Everything is in flux and nothing is standing still— all we have to do is learn how to tune into different Vibrations and frequencies and we will be able to see things and hear things we never thought possible— This is how Mediums and Ghost Whisperers are able to tune into subtle Vibrations. This is also how we begin to become aware of the Energy around us through Synchronicities and Intuition.

As Abraham Hicks says: Get everything you want from the physical experience of being a human .How?
By being tuned in to who you truly are as an extension of source. You would be in a receiving mode if you are in the vortex experiencing unconditioned joy , peace and unconditional love…This is what you really are as spiritual non-pysical being in a temporary human body , coming to get a human experience that expands your states of consciousness…


A person called Jerry Owen in a group on facebook called Law of attraction changed my life said : “Once you fill your heart with pure Joy and do not base your happiness on outstise you , all circumstances or most of them open up to instantly connect you to every desire you have ever had ♥ . Find Joy and you are home free ♥” He said something else very beautiful :” Life is fun–just relax, don’t overthink things and roll with the flow ♥.”

It is said that the kingdom of heaven is within you.
There is a saying that those who need nothing , the whole world is given . The physical reality we live in is just a shodow of our energy we emit or put in . Life is just like a dream but our true reality is that we co-create with God and the universe through ourselves and for ourselves to experience the joy and the glory of God …
We expand our scope of awareness and elevate our states of consciousness through acting from beliefs and emotions that derive from pure unconditioned joy and unconditional love . The universe would move all people and circumstances that match your lovely positive energy. Even if you experience some unpleasant experiences , you could learn from them to heal every part of you and grow from it endlessly. In short , ” seek the kingdom of heaven first and everything shall be added unto you.”

Best wishes and God blessings …

Written by Jerry Owen


One thought on “Jerry Owen said that Vibration , Frequency and Energy are the way the universe works—”

  1. Yes , I agree with your ideas . Find where and in what areas of life you find your passion and joy , and your puropse would automatically follow or catch up with you… Follow your intuition and intellect at the same time and so you could co-create with source energy or divine power a wonderful life…


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