The Source Within…

Source is within me and you
And all the we have been through
The divine is here and there
Existing everywhere
So that we can live,love and care
Hence , the divine could seem far
Though shining like a star…
But the divine is so near
Making the sun brightly so clear
Guiding us now and here
In communities , we gather
Sharing goodness together
Co-creating forever and ever
We make a joyful peace
Bringing upward spirals
Creating bliss with one another
With loving members we unite
And unity shines so bright
Until power feels so tight
Becoming humbly good and right…


After the darkness of the night ,

the sun would be shining bright ,

Things would be alright

And good things are seen within my sight …



We are in oneness of being divine
The light of God through us could shine
with Godly unconditional love , you’re fine
God is here , there and everywhere
Whatever we go through , God would provide and care
The divine may seem far
while guiding like a star,
But the source is so near ,
For our hearts so dear ,
Forever now and here,
forgiving with no fear…

I read on Facebook: ”

“Gratitude is heaven itself,

Said awakened poet William Blake.

Its arising when there’s no small self,

Needs explaining for it sense to make.


For how can it be when there is no ‘other’,

To thank or to be grateful to?

All is Consciousness, no sister or brother,

No separation, I, we or you.


However, awakening produces such relief,

Seeing that the personal self no longer exists.

For, the weight of useless suffering and grief,

Accrued over the years automatically lifts.


All of the rubbish we thought about our self,

And the angst caused by misidentification,

Vanishes, consigned to the ‘illusory’ shelf,

When the True Self is found by investigation.


So physicality, of Consciousness an instrument,

Is grateful to That, its essential source,

From Which all fleeting manifestation is lent,

And where all returns as a matter of course.


Pure Awareness uses the body/mind,

To appreciate and enjoy Its manifestation,

So in this scenario we find,

Gratefulness for the beauty of this creation.


Thus gratitude occurs in the following ways:

When we recognise our essential identity,

As Pure Awareness, and when That homage pays,

To Its moving expressions of The Reality.



A poem based on a chapter of ‘The Happiness That Needs Nothing’.


I write (and read) these posts, based on my meditations and contemplations, as much for my own benefit as for that of ‘others’. For this helps to keep me ‘awake’ in this illusory, and impermanent, world … our perception of which is based purely on our physical, and mental, configuration.”


I saw on the post gratitude is a happiness or a joy that needs nothing …

Paradise is not a place but a state of consciousness.


The kingdom of God is within you .

The kingdom of God is here and there existing everywhere…



One thought on “The Source Within…”

  1. Who we really are as extension of source is undefinable, timeless , spaceless formless , unlimited and eternal . All those are beyond thoughts and words . As a particle is one with the universe , we are one with our source , all we have to do is become aware and realize our true essence coming in a temporary human experience like in a state of dreams when we sleep. Sooner or later , we would awake to reunite with source. We transform in form , through form and out of form endlessly and returm to pure formless eternal indefinite infinite energy or pur consciousness…


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