Three details in the law of attraction …

There are three main points in this inspirational video that I would summarize. First of all , when we program our minds on positivity to get better results , we have to change our belief system in our unconscious mind in a positive manner. We have to induce faith in our unconscious mind that controls the majority of our minds / brains. Changing our belief system in our minds in a positive manner consciously and unconsciously changes our brain biochemistry in a constructive way. Second of all , Jake Ducy says that it is said that we attract usually what we are or what we become and not necassarily what we want . If we seek to find abundance , we have to be in a mind state of abundance persistently. Our energy or frequency has to match the frequency of what we want just as if we want to watch a certain TV channel , we have to be on the frequency of this Television channel. Third point to attract what we would like to become , we would live as if we are what we seek to become. We have to act as if we are in that circumstance. If you would like to be healed , believe , feel and act as if you are already being healed to get healthier just as , for instance, having sports , laughing , smiling , joyfully helping others and going out to places you love and listening to positive affirmations. You would do some of these actions when you are in a healthy state. You create your reality with your emotions and actions working altogether in harmony.Your feelings and thoughts are emotions which are in their turn energy in motion and action is also energy that influences both our inner being and outside world. Since matter and reality are all energy , so our energy and our observation of reality can bend our  reality. This has evidences in physics especially in quantum physics . Truly , do your best and leave the rest to God and the universe to manifest whatever you desire to have. Always have faith and emit high frequencies no matter how your current circumstances seem on the surface level because the universe and God can sometimes supply you goodness in many different ways and through many gates. Thank you universe and God for offering joy  to all creatures…

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