How to improve your life

To become more comfortable with oneself , there are many things can be done to get along with your life and improve.

It depends on your personality and personal preferences but many ideas and actions can be taken, such as :

1 . Try to make balance between personal life and work. Work to feel and live better and have activities when you are on vacation to feel better like sports , going to parks or cinemas or so on…

2 , try to read about topics you care about or benefit you to broaden your knowledge . Those who read books as said live mant times because they get experiences of other people … Leaders are readers…

3 . Try to have sports and physical activities that help you feel better physically and emotionally…If you like to drink some wine or beer , have it but in small amounts and just once a week as it can make you happy but just in moderate quantities. A little bit of wine can make your heart joyful…

4 . Hang out with people who love you truly…They can support you and give you new ideas to learn and lead you to new paths of life to doscover .

5 . Help people out as much as you can because this will make you in an elevated state of awareness as you feel inner joy and you will get God blessing especially if you help nice people.

6. Be grateful because even in the hardest times you can learn new lessons that maybe blessings in disguise. There is a saying that stars shine in the darkness of the night. Trust that the Lord has the best plan for you whatever circumstances can be on the outside level.

7 . I have experienced that myself. After sadness comes happiness. After a rainy storm , there will be sunshine… wonderful flowers and green trees will not exist without having some clouds and rainfall…

8 . Try to be optimistic about life and to see the full half of the cup instead of the empty half. You can fill with time the cup till it overflows and you start contributing to others…

9 . Do not COMPARE yourself to others because every person has his own condition and personality. I get in a better mood usually if I do not bother and watch how others are living.For example, I used to feel that I should leave my home country and go to Canada or Europe, But when I read about these countries , I learned that each country has advantages and disadvantages. Each country and each person has both a bright side and a dark side of life. But , we got to enjoy life as it is because God or  source energy  is always with us supporting and helping more than our parents do.

10, If you like nature , spend time in nature because it is really relaxing and refreshing.

11. Read some prayers from any religion , book , or on the internet.

12 . Learn about new things whether languages or culture. Learn new skills in your job or profession that could help you grow whether financially , socially or mentally …

13 . Try to sleep and wake up early.

14 . Eat everything you love but with moderation…

15. Forgiving yourself and others can help you relax and be glad. Just wish all people goodness and love as you wish to yourself.

16 . Take things simply as much as possible and live in a relaxed manner after trying to do your best on a consistent manner.

17. Know that joy comes from within usually. Depend on yourself to feel joyful and grateful . Perhaps , when you are in an unconditioned state of joy , everything you need and the best would come into your life…

Finally , I wish everyone all the best and I am ready to hear other points of view or ideas about anything that increases the level of happiness…

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