Watch “Bob Proctor – Manifesting Money!” on YouTube

Bob Proctor – Manifesting Money!:

Bob Proctor ,who has made the speech in this video, is one of the best pioneers in the awesome famous book called ” The Secret ” written by Rhonda Byrne.
In this video , what Proctor is
trying to say is to train yourself to do what you think are great ideas to think and implement in your
life. If you really believe that your ideas are inspiring and good, then put them into action and practice. In other words if you are excited about your dreams and vision , think they can benefit you and contribute to the wellbeing of the society, then pursue and follow your dream even if you take small actions. Step by Step and day after day in many manners you can make your dream come true whether it is money , social relationships ,lifestyle or other things. To make your dream a reality, you have to continue to think what you want and have clear vision inside your mind. Think about the truth of your thoughts that come into your mind regardless of the appearance of the outside world. He is saying that some parents and part of the society are generally telling you to listen only to them and to the external world and not to daydream .On the contrary, sometimes you got to listen to your inner voice and ideas that come to your mind because all religions tell you that the spirit of God is present in every creature in the universe including human beings. On the one side ,Of course, you have to think twice and more sometimes to ponder them rationally and emotionally before acting in certain cases .You should give enough time to think about them before manifesting it in real world sometimes. On the other side, you can simplify your disciplined ideas, thoughts and feelings as much as possible. With practice and training, things will become easier and habitual. All events and experiences in life can be lessons for us to learn from and make our world better if we truely want.Make it a habit to turn thought, feelings and actions into positive ones and you will have wonderful and amazing experiences awaiting you.

I have heard that thoughts plus emotions can bring you things , so make them positive and constructive to the best of your ability because we can all as people contribute to the goodness of our world. Feelings can help our thoughts come true, so hope that we all have goods emotions of peace , love and compassion . What Bob Proctor , the secret and other inspirational books like that
( whether one believes or not ) is that before things come to our real world it has to live in our minds and hearts inside us. We own the power of a great universe to great accomplishment in life. As an example , I have heard about and seen Moussa castle in Lebanon that has been built because a school boy was drawing at school something like that castle at classroom and lived his passionate dream of building that castle when he grew up , and till nowadays the castle remains a wonderful real touristic attraction in the Mediterranean ( Sea) country Lebanon although his teacher did not really believe in the dream of that child at that time.

Moreover, we are not limited by our physical minds, bodies or physical world, but we got to connect into the infinite intelligence, Supreme mind or the creator of the whole universe ( God ). It is said that man is created in the image and likeness of God, but still God is our supplier and our creator who controls the world. If we get to improve our mental and spiritual capabilities , we can get more connected to the real source of supply and goodness. God can help us whether directly or indirectly, in seen or in hidden ways if we work in the direction of developing and creating better world whether public or personal.

Peace and blessings to the world

Watch “Create Spaces in Your Life for More Success and F…” on YouTube

Create Spaces in Your Life for More Success and F…:

This idea discussed in that videa is simple but very important. Mark, the young man in this video, compares the spaces or silence between music notes or music tones that is very important for harmony in musical symphony to be good and the spaces between activities or actions you take in your work or job to succeed and flourish. In other words, you need to take time to relax between shifts of work done. Taking rest after work in many ways whether enough sleep at night , listening to music , having sports or going for picnic can all refresh your mind,body and energy. (You don’t have to work for example 20 hours a day always because it does not serve you). What discipline and success requires is some inspired action plus some necessary time to rest and relax.Variety is the spice of life. Likewise ,delicious food like salads ,soaps or sweets need some different components or ingredients mixed and prepared according to a certain way or recipe to exist ,so one ingredient alone can’t do the desired result. Man needs to have a few hours per day to rest and few days a month for vacation in order to have healthy lifestyle, good social relationships and persistence in success at job.

Watch “Surrender to a Magnificent Vision for Your Life!” on YouTube

Focus on your end goal. FOCUS ON YOUR GREATEST DREAMS. LOOK AT PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE. Take a deep breath ang let your happiness and joy come to you through positive thoughts and activities that you like to do. The positive Energy that emit returns to you multiplied and sometimes I do some sports to multiply positive energy not only in my life but also in my community and environment. Have faith and trust that the universe is loving and generous but all you have to do is seize opportunities available. Let us be optimistic always; no matter what circumstances might be, we can always find positive aspects in everything happening. It can replace existing things we have with better ones. God is all- knowing , all-compassionate and merciful. We have to do our best in everything and God will give us the best because he knows.

Watch “Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]:

   This song called ” like a prayer”,one among many songs and video music  for the very famous superstar Madonna  ,has been ranked number one of the year when it was first issued. Madonna   is widely talented , successful,  and brilliant as a singer, actress, songwriter , director, philanthropist and a business woman. As  a result, Madonna is the highest paid musician for the year 2013 with an annual income at that year surpassing 125 million dollars. According to information from Wikipedia, her networth or wealth accumulated was $  500 million in September 2013.

  There is no surprise in the fact that  this awesome video music alone has attracted more than 2 million views in one year. Madonna is a beautiful woman with a very wonderful voice and Charisma.   Hope that you all enjoy this video.

Watch “We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA Worl…” on YouTube

We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA Worl…:


In this beautiful video, you can find the brilliant dancer and singerJennifer Lopez who is one of the most influential, successful,  and waelthiest celebrities in the world. She is a great singer , dancer , actress and a movie star in Hollywood. She earns 15 million $ per movie and has accumulated a fortune net worth 315 million dollars. In addition she has supported many charitable organizations that help many people around the world.
In return to her very clear success, we can see this very beautiful videoclip in which she participated and the videoclip got a very large number of views around 300 million views in few months.

Watch “Rihanna – Diamonds” on YouTube

Rihanna – Diamonds:

      Rihanna is  truly shining even more than a precious diamond. She is shining like the moon and stars. She is beautiful and possesses a very wonderful  talent and voice. In deed, she is being now rewarded for her efforts done and appreciated for her God-given talent  because she started singing since she was a teen ager. Singing and music allowed her to overcome obstacles and achieve the quality of life she dreams of. Now ,she is one of the top singers and this videoclip of the song called ” Shining bright  like a diamond ” has got around 500 million views or half a billion people watching this video. This very high number of world population is a great proof of the success of Rihanna. In reality, she is one of the most highly paid singers since her annual income is 48 million dollars and daily income is 192,000 US dollars. In addition,as a philanthropist she contributes socially through offering millions of dollars to support charitable institutions and help children. What a great economic and social achievement she has achieved !

Prayer for abundance and wealth

Watch “The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I’ve Come Across” on YouTube

God is generous .He is our real source of goodness.If we truely believe in him, the creator of the world, he will give us abundantly. He is all mighty and all capable to give and as you say nothing  is too good to true because God supplies us    but we should be thankful for all the blessings in our life.
Another thing to be attentive to is that God never takes something away from us unless he gives something better in return. He never closes a door to wealth untill he opens other greater doors as sources of wealth and goodness. We need to help freely from our hearts whenever we can.


Democratic progress in Tunisia

In October 2014 , parliamentary elections took place in Tunisia after 4 years of ending the millitary rule of Zein El Abideen bin Ali in the beginning of 2011. Tunisia that is in North Africa and close to Southern Europe is in a democratization process , since it has entered a transformation into a democratic republic where all political parties can participate in the parliamentry election different than the period before 2011 where only one president and only one political party can rule. The good news that  the secular political party of “Nidaa Tunis ” won the highest number or percentage of votes in the parliamentary elections of October 2014 and next came the moderate islamist political party of elnahda.

We may see some demonistrations here and there and it is natural that in all democracies, some citizens demand improvements in certain areas. It is a right for citizens in democratic countries to have peaceful demonstrations to express their opinions and demands.Journalism freedom  after removing  Bin Ali from his position as president  has improved despite   little repression. An increasing number of citizens are using internet media. We can say that Tunisia in general is in a transitional period towards democracy ,liberty and development just like Europe was in the nineteenth and twentieth century.