God is merciful and generous

In deed , it is quite true God will make a way where we might think there is no way . In God’s will there is no dead end, there are always new ways God can find that we may not expect or foresee. God is all merciful to save us and all compassionate that he has given us mind to think , ears to hear and listen and eyes to see all the wonders of the world. He Supplies us with every resource necessary to live with. God is generous and can give us the best , but all he requires from us is to love each other, love our lives, have some patience and work to help ourselves and consequently other people. God is more merciful with us more than mothers and fathers are with their children but all required is some kindness, gratitude, and sympathy. It is truthful God will help us in ways sometimes we can’t see no matter how our situation may look like. I discovered that sometimes if we are faced with hardships , God has a test for us that can help us become stronger, wiser and better. God has blessings apparent and hidden at all times . Always live your life happily, be nice and have faith because God will move things in your favor whether you notice it or not.



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