The 4 states of mind ( Happiness in the present) vs Future Vision

The video is for Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of the mindvalley company, which grew from a very small company into an international company of a very large value in the market of various countries in the world. He talks about the ultimate or best state of the mind which is the state of flow where great events in life start happening with ease and wonderful things start to unfold and flow. He focuses on the state of flow which requires 2 important things. The first is to happy and joyful in the now with whatever job or situation you have right now and the second is to have vision in the future ( to progress and make things better and better everyday in all ways you can). “The secret” mentions ideas like that if you are contented ( happy) and thankful in the moment , you are on you way to increase your blessings and good luck both now and in the future. This is a way to improve your quality of life because if you focus on happy feelings right now , you improve your health and get in a better mood to enjoy your work and be more productive. By this way, if you are happy and far away from sadness , you can persist in growth and success. It is true that to grow in the future you have to contribute and help other people in many ways. I have seen a statement taken from the bible that says the generous will prosper and those who refresh others , will themselves be refreshed. Of course, when you give and contribute to the world do it from your heart and out of the feeling of love and joy. The universe is meant to be abundant in everything and God is very generous. Let us focus on the good side of our lives at all times and everything that comes in life comes to you by the all knowing God. I believe that God gives us the best in return for our feelings , intentions, thoughts and actions or deeds. Whatever we pass through is a test and a lesson for us to learn and progress in the future.

However, you have got to have a vision for the future to grow. You might be inspired one day to get great ideas when you have ambition towards a better future. In addition, when you have a real will to work and have ambition and vision for the future to grow, you will experience real advancement and growth. An example is mentioned in the video, about a very rich man, the English Business man Richard Branson who is best known as the found of the Virgin group. Richard Branson pursued work as a play and a source of joy, so when he loved and enjoyed his life and work , he accomplished happiness, fortune, and wealth. God blessed him because he loved life and work. I Wish that all of us will be in the state of flow and believe me if you are optimistic , you improve and refresh your positive energy in all situations. “Where there is a will, there is a way” is a well known and lovely saying. At last, I wish the whole world good luck, peace and joy.

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