Watch “Rihanna – Diamonds” on YouTube

Rihanna – Diamonds:

      Rihanna is  truly shining even more than a precious diamond. She is shining like the moon and stars. She is beautiful and possesses a very wonderful  talent and voice. In deed, she is being now rewarded for her efforts done and appreciated for her God-given talent  because she started singing since she was a teen ager. Singing and music allowed her to overcome obstacles and achieve the quality of life she dreams of. Now ,she is one of the top singers and this videoclip of the song called ” Shining bright  like a diamond ” has got around 500 million views or half a billion people watching this video. This very high number of world population is a great proof of the success of Rihanna. In reality, she is one of the most highly paid singers since her annual income is 48 million dollars and daily income is 192,000 US dollars. In addition,as a philanthropist she contributes socially through offering millions of dollars to support charitable institutions and help children. What a great economic and social achievement she has achieved !


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