The Right of Lebanese Women to Grant Citizenship to their Families

At the beginning of the 21st century, isn’t it an important matter that Lebanese women would be given the right to offer their children (who are part of them) and their husbands (life partners) the Lebanese citizenship especially if they are all living inside Lebanon and granting important services to that country ? In Comparison, a Lebanese man offers his citizenship to his foreign wife in few years. This right mentioned above is an important characteristic of Social justice and equality.

In relation to this, democracy that we talk about in Lebanon, not only means freedom of voting and electing members of parliament and municipality, but also justice and equality in rights and duties among all aspects of society and nation in general. This will take place gradually if we approve of such equality and take the initiative to apply such laws giving Lebanese women rights to grant citizenship to their families. Of course, it will take time to make change, but journey of thousand miles, starts from the first step.

If equality between both men and women starts to exist concerning right to grant national citizenship upon marriage, then a lot of foreigners (among whom are well educated and wealthy people) would be encouraged to stay inside Lebanon and benefit the country. They might use their educational knowledge and vocational working experiences and wisdom to open new businesses and make developing projects, which many nations especially the developed ones do.
Women are half the society and if given better chances to live, they can contribute to making our country and even the whole world better. There should be no excuse of not implementing such laws because it can help us reduce discrimination based on gender and even all other kinds. This would help us modernize and update our mentality, practises, laws, and even operating systems all of which can turn our country to be more prosperous and developed. Finally, such equality can improve the living conditions and well being in Lebanon that may inspire some other nations in the region and the world to take such forward steps.



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