Will History Repeat itself in 21st Century?

Will Tunisian revolution in 2011 be like the French revolution (in 1789) that has contributed to the development in European social, political and economic reality?

By that manner, the Tunisian public revolution that has taken place in these recent months will definitely contribute to change the entire world especially North Africa, Middle East and the developing world. It has taken place without clear foreign interference as in the case of Iraq where the regime of Saddam Hussein has been removed by invading troops. The direct causes were spread unemployment, high prices (inflation), low average income, corruption and suppression. (Wages that are between $300 and $400 per month are not sufficient to afford the rising expenses of any average family size.) This was speeded up by a young unemployed man who burned himself; he encouraged his fellow country men to revolt (as we can see now in the neighbouring country Egypt few weeks later). The citizens in Tunisia have overthrown the regime of president Zein El Abideen Bin Ali who ruled the country for 23 years and was accused of corruption and dictatorship. Likewise, at the eve of the French revolution, there was poverty, high prices of goods and long time oppression. The French revolution destroyed the regime of the king of France in July 1789 and devastated the prison of Bastille, which had been long the symbol of oppression in France. They confiscated the large properties of lands that were owned by the Church and the clergy men (who ruled in the name of religion) and they sold them to raise funds and make economic reconstruction. (Now they are taking control of the property of the previous Tunisian president.) They abolished the previous social privileges such as exemption from taxes for landlords and clergy men.

They looked forward to more human rights and equality between all citizens in front of the rule of law and justice: the thing that reshaped and inspired much of the World especially Western world in North American and Europe. Off course, things didn’t change overnight but took place over a long period of time that spread for decades.

In comparison, the French revolution was encouraged by the great thinkers and philosophers of France like Voltaire and Jean Jack Rousseau. There has been the rise of Industry in Europe that made change inevitable and even a must. In Tunisia, it is greatly mobilized by emerging middle class and increasing number of educated people who are seeking employment and better future with difference that nowadays there is telecommunication development and internet web pages like You-tube , which protesters are using as in Tunisia and Egypt as well now and that didn’t exist during the French revolution. Not to forget as well that Tunisia has been historically greatly influenced by Europe where the modern scientific discoveries and the modern industrialization began (not to ignore many old civilizations that was present in all countries of the world).

Nowadays, societies are becoming increasingly educated through telecommunication media like internet and satellites. The world is increasingly industrializing and development projects are being done in the whole world and developing nations are not exception.

Will all these developments mentioned before lead to more democratically elected efficient governments and leaders who are accountable for their decisions and actions especially in the developing nations? We should all hope that the changes happening will bring us more prosperity, justice, development and wealth to all nations of the world.

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